Picnic Tables Outdoor Eating, Grilling, Portable, Stationary Tables

Picnic Tables Outdoor Eating, Grilling, Portable, Stationary Tables

Picnic tables for your patio or garden setting are a wonderful way to make things cozy for your family and guests in the Spring and Summer. You can enjoy outdoor eating, grilling, and socializing without having to go to a public park. They are also wonderful for throwing outdoor parties on special occasions such as for wedding receptions and birthdays.

So, with that in mind, what should you be looking out for when you go shopping for picnic tables? First let's take a look at wood. Oak, cedar, teak, cherry, and even maple and pine have been used to make picnic tables. Wood is the preferred material for picnic tables for the majority of people, since the idea is to invoke a rustic feeling. Cedar and teak have a lot of natural oils in them which keeps them from becoming brittle and also prevents water damage.

As they age, these woods also turn a beautiful golden-tan type of color and they have a lot of durability. But, they require annual maintenance and the wood treatments you need for them can cost you a pretty penny. Nevertheless, if looks are a great concern to you wood is probably the way you want to go.

Portability Is a Choice for Folding Tables

However, there are plastic picnic tables. These, of course, will not require the high maintenance of wooden tables. They are also much easier to move around, especially if you want folding picnic tables to move around frequently. The downside is that even if you buy imitation wood plastic tables, they just don't have the exact look or the feel of authentic wood.

 Another potential problem is their light weight if you live in a consistently windy area. And then there are some people who are concerned that plastic is not eco-friendly enough, although if you plan to keep your picnic tables for a very long time that shouldn't mean much, and this might just be an exaggeration.

Metal picnic table also exist. Metal is classic outdoor furniture material and highly durable. These days there are beautiful looking aluminum tables that resist rust and are easy to move because they are light, yet highly durable. Then again, there is wrought iron, which is also impressive looking and will not be blown away by heavy winds.

Stainless steel picnic tables are also made. Wrought iron will require annual anti-rust maintenance. But, again, many people just don't associate picnic tables with anything but wood. So, choose your patio and garden picnic tables with materials and looks that appeal to your sense of taste.

Cedar Picnic Tables-Stylish, Natural Wood Patio Furniture
Cedar Picnic Tables add that timeless touch to your yard, patio, or deck. Cedar picnic tables always look good (provided they receive just basic maintenance), and they always look modern yet at the same time, they remind people of beautiful days and nights from their past.

Concrete Picnic Tables -Durable patio furniture advantages
There are many advantages when it comes to Concrete Picnic Tables. If you are in the market for a picnic table, you will discover that there are many different kinds available. If you want a highly durable picnic table that will last a lifetime, concrete Picnic Tables is the way to go!

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