Patio Furniture Lounge Chairs-Comfort, Style, Backyard Fashion

Patio Furniture Lounge Chairs-Comfort, Style, Backyard Fashion

 Patio furniture lounge chairs offer you many choices in outdoor elegance and relaxation. Who doesn't love to lie back on a beautiful spring, summer, or early fall day in an outdoor patio lounge chair, perhaps right next to the cool waters of the pool on a hot day? And these days they come in aluminum, cast iron, plastic, or wood, making you able to match your lounge chairs to just about any decor that you already have on your patio or in your yard and garden.

When choosing patio furniture lounge chairs, you want to try to match your choices up not only aesthetically but with an eye toward the practical, too. If you live in an area that sees a lot of high winds or harsh weather, the plastic patio lounge chair may not be for you. It will be too easily blown away.

On the other hand, if you live in a wet area then some wooden patio lounge chairs and wrought iron chairs might not be your best choice either. And some people who live in hot areas with an abundance of direct sunlight don't prefer cast iron because it too easily retains heat.

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As far as looks go, there is been a surge in popularity of the Adirondack patio furniture lounge chair. These chairs have wide arm rests and are made from treated wood. They look very rustic and woodsy, as their name suggests. Browns and tans are in with Americans these days, even in their brown diamonds that they use in their jewelry. This makes the Adirondack very attractive to many people and could make your patio parties a smash hit.

Generally speaking, wooden lounge chairs offer great looks and good, sturdy weight without the heaviness of metal. The woods are usually treated so that the chairs will last in all but the wettest weather conditions. But of course, you will need to throw in pads for your wooden chairs, otherwise they are quite uncomfortable.

Even if the wood is treated, you will still need to do some home treating maintenance on them each year to really strengthen them against the harsh elements. But wood remains beautiful and affordable, and its universal appeal means it can go with a wide array of settings.

Aluminum patio furniture lounge chairs are lightweight and rust resistant, and these often come with a built-in cushion. The price range on aluminum chairs is large, from budget to high-end, depending on the thickness of the aluminum and the chair's design.

Wrought iron lounge chairs are timeless, classic, and strong. They won't blow away in high winds. But, they are susceptible to rust, so they need special care taken with them if you buy them. These, too, will need cushions added to them, and they, too, have a wide price range depending on design.

Plastic patio furniture lounge chairs are the least expensive and the easiest to move around. But, they might not satisfy you aesthetically, and the plastic is prone to oxidation over time, especially if you live in a sunny area. This will make the plastic brittle and hard to clean.

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