Palermo Collection Patio Furniture-Classic, Italian style outdoor patio furniture

Palermo Collection Patio Furniture-Classic, Italian style outdoor patio furniture

Palermo collection patio furniture takes its name from the capital city in the northwest of Sicily which is next to an arm of the Mediterranean called the Tyrrhenian Sea. Palermo's location set it up to be a very important port for trans-Mediterranean shipping for 30 centuries.

 It was originally settled by the Phoenicians in the eighth century BCE, and thereafter has come under the influence of an array of different civilizations, including the Roman and Byzantine Empires, the Arabs, and the French. Art and architecture have long flourished in the city. Palermo collection patio furniture therefore reflects this great and cosmopolitan artistic and architectural legacy.

You can find Palermo collections of patio furniture made of most patio furniture materials--the different kinds of wood including teak, cedar, and pine; iron; aluminum; and even hard plastic. Wood and aluminum are the predominant materials, however. The micro-styles of Palermo varies, but the dominant stylistic themes are elegant but simple and gentle curves and rectangular, smooth planes.

 Quality, Craftsmanship with Exquisite Styling

Palermo patio furniture will give your outdoors setting a feeling of strength and a high-level lifestyle. The craftsmanship of Palermo furniture is always exquisite and now and again it the surface decorations can be ornate. Palermo furniture is also meant to be highly functional, so even when it comes to patio furniture you'll find outdoor benches and chairs that have storage space beneath the cushions.

It's also possible to find Palermo collection patio furniture that's designed specifically to be eco-friendly. This is made possible with the use of Selunsar wood, which is very durable and dense hardwood that has warm and reddish mahogany-brown color.

This wood is like Teak in its abilities to withstand the elements, meaning that you have long-lasting, beautiful looking furniture that doesn't have a lot of chemical treatments and won't be decaying any time soon. Wooden outdoor Palermo furniture blends in perfectly with any garden setting.

Aluminum Palermo collection patio furniture also goes great with gardens. These chairs and tables can be a perfect complement to a garden and patio setting that features metal sitting benches. Palermo outdoor patio couches, pub chairs, bistro tables, chaise lounges, love seats, club chairs, end tables, coffee tables, and Ottomans all exist to add Mediterranean sleekness to your outdoor setting. You can practically live outdoors during the warm months of the year with your Palermo collection patio furniture.

Metal Palermo pieces that are not tables will require cushions, so try to find nice, stain resistant cushion sets if your furniture is not come with them. However, they often do, especially when it comes to things like couches and love seats for your patio. Palermo collection patio furniture also goes great with Palermo-style hammock stands with their amazing curves and arches. Live the good life in Palermo, no matter where you live.

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